HorseSense HorseManShip


 HorseSense believes in Education:

  • Teaching people to train their horses
  • Teaching horses to respond to their people
  • Teaching proper saddle fit and tack use
  • Teaching both able bodied riders and riders with special needs to be "one" with their horse.

Our Mission

  • Confidence: to know you can  be successful with your horse
  • Consistency: to handle your horse in the same way all the time
  • Compassion: to know your horse and how he needs to be treated
  • Connection:to understand your horse and he understands you
  • Communication: to teach your horse what you want from him and to hear what he needs from you

What to Expect

 A friendly greeting.

We want you to be comfortable with Dennis as well as any volunteers
Genuine concern.

Your well-being, having fun and learning is our top priority.
Fun & Enjoyment.
A time to be outside with wonderful Equine Friends  

About HorseSense

Who is Dennis Qulliams


Dennis has been working with horses, people and cattle since he was a young man. Now working primarily with people with special needs and helping owners with gaited horses, he is well versed with many breeds of  horses. 

More about Dennis

Special Ability HorseManSHip


 There is no doubt that horses and those with special needs are a perfect match. Dennis works with all ages with a wide variety of needs.  

Special Needs Riding in Red Deer 

Special Ability HorseManShip

Saddles and Sidepull


Custom made saddles to fit all breeds of horses.  Quality made Sidepull for all your bitless needs. 

Saddles and Sidepull

Training DVD's and Manuals


 2 Series Video to help with the training and riding of your gaited horse. 

DVD's here

Gaitway To Equine Experiences


A non-profit foundation that helps support the Special Ability Program. Raising funds to provide bursaries for riders and maintain the equine partners. 

Gaitway to Equine Experiences

Gaited Horses


 Getting the best Smoothest gait out of your horse is not always easy. Let Dennis help you find that gait that you find is best for you.  Bring your horse to Dennis or have him come to you  

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