Training and Clinics

Horse Training


Training YOU to Train your Horse 

All Breeds, Specializing in Gaited Horses
 The philosophy behind confidence training is PARTNERSHIP. 

When such training is successfully carried out, horse and owner will trust each other and will work together harmony. To achieve this partnership, both horse and owner must accept training.

Step 1: A Gentle Beginning (usually done in round pen) Ground Manners, Leading
Step 2: Sensitizing (sacking out)  
Step 3: Introducing the Tack
Step 4: Mounting
Step 5: First Ride
Step 6 : Communication,
Step 7:, Pre-Cues, Cues, Enforcers,
Step 8: Exercise's, Speed Control
Step 7: Encouraging  collection & even gaits

Training costs for horses depend upon what is required and will be discussed with owner as to expectations for their horse.

Education Circle

 Here is HorseSense Education Circle.  Although we have set it up in divisions, because it is a circle, training will go from one section to another and back again.  The numbers do not indicate "steps" in training but indicate all inclusive style of training. Click on the links to find an explanation of each area of the training circle.   

Gaited Horse Clinics

 Clinics can be geared to what you need. Including round pen, ground work, starting the young/green horse etc.  Improve yourriding skills. Get the best gait from your gaited horse. 

We will come to YOUR PLACE for week long private sessions or you can HOST a clinic. 

Gaited Horse Clinic

A quick overview of a gaited horse clinic.