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Saddle Fit - A Problem for Horse and Riders
Many horses are “angels on the ground” but continually act up when saddled and mounted.Many owners conclude that they have a “dumb horse” or they decide to be firmer and harsher with their horse.On the other hand, some men conclude that the horse is “a lady’s horse that just doesn’t like men.” If the horse seems to be “overly happy” when the rider dismounts or if the horse moves well in one direction, but is awkward and balks when asked to change leads, or if the horse is high-headed, continuously tosses and throws its head, the problem may well be an      poor fitting saddle. The use of a tie-down or running martingale will not solve problems caused by a poorly fitting saddle


Evolutionary Saddles


 For GAITED Horses, NON-GAITED Horses and MULES! 

The Evolutionary Saddles™ flexible panel saddle with System X delrin construction is a quantum leap forward in saddle design.  After thousands of hours of in-saddle field-testing and many advances in technology, Tauer Manufacturing LLC has produced exactly what every serious rider dreams of — a saddle for all horses!  That’s right, one saddle that conforms to almost every back shapes, allowing you to use one saddle on many horses with little more effort than selecting the proper girth or cinch.  The System X saddle has the only saddle fit system so adaptable that that it comfortably fits most horses and mules, no matter his shape or size.  Whatever conformation issues are present, the appropriate saddle model correctly fitted should provide the answer.


Base Price is $3000 US  with options and shipping extra.

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Experienced Saddle Fitter


Experienced Saddle Fitter.

Call 403-348-5636 or contact us to arrange an appointment for him to

come help fit your horse.

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OR let him help fit your horse to a variety of saddles that you chose..

Custom Made SidePull


Great for ALL Horses, Sizes from cob to draft size. 
Made with Quality leather and soft rope Mecate reins with  lead rope.  Comes in black or brown.

Order Sidepull or mecate rein separately or order together.

Sidepull for Bitless riding

 A Sidepull for all horses! Designed by HorseSense and made by Buckaroo Leather. Made with the finest heavyweight Herman Oak Harness leather for a rich smooth "broke in" feel. Double leather and sewn with soft chap lining and oiled for that soft supple feel.   A size to fit all horses.


Double cheek buckle
Throat latch
Slobber Straps
Jowl strap
Bow, Cowboy Knowt,  Browband
Mecate Reins  (soft rein with attatched lead rope)
Nickel hardware
Quality performing tack without sacrificing beauty
imprinted with HS Logo

Sidepull Measurment

 How to measure:

Full crown length - from where the noseband fits all the way up the side of the head, over poll/crown, behind the ear,  and down the other side to noseband.
Browband - at longest point  from just below/behind ear to just below/behind the other ear
Noseband - total circumference around the nose. 


Cob/Small horse/Arab: Full crown range 38 - 41", Browband range 15.5 - 16", Noseband range 20 - 24" 
Regular: Full crown range 41 - 44" Browband range 17", Nosband range 23 - 26"
Large Horse/Mule: Full crown range 43 - 46", Browband 18", Noseband range 24 - 28" 
Draft horse: special order please give measurements with order.  

Mecate Reins

 This is the AMERICAN made perfect feel and weight natural double braid yacht rope mecate you have been looking for. This is the mecate that all the famous clinicians recommend. 5/8"-23' with hand braided rawhide button and cowboy nylon tassel and a leather poppers.Long enough for rein and lead rope.  

Slobber Straps

 This Slobber Strap pair is a great tool to have in your Cowboy Horse training "toolbox". It is used to connect the Mecate to a Snaffle Bit. The Slobber Strap is crafted from quality Hermann Oak Plain Leather. It is also available in Red or Black Latigo and oiled chestnut 

Gaited Horse DVD Set


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Working with & Understanding Gaited Horses.DVD #1
Filmed at actual clinic held near Red Deer, AB.  DVD includes understanding what a 4-beat gait is, how genetics affect gait, saddle fit, exercises to improve gait and MORE!   3.5hours


Exercises for the Pacey & the Trotty Horse  DVD #2
The goal of getting the best gait from your gaited horse is the same goal as with any horse. Regardless if you are looking for a walk, trot, canter or 4-beat gait you want the smoothest gait your horse can give. The ultimate goal of "gaited horse people" is to produce a horse that is "Cadillac Smooth. 

  • SPECIAL: $45 includes both DVD's 

 Hello Mr. Quilliams,
I just wanted to thank you once again for putting together the DVD in such a way that anyone, professional or novice, could understand! It has been almost two months since I have used your methods on Paladin. I was ready to give up on him ever gaiting like his well known father... when I found your DVD. He is gaiting beautifully, his topline has improved considerably, and his caboose is to die for!! Lol! Thanks again, and if you are ever in NC. feel free to stop in!
Your fans, Pati O'Toole and Paladin (RMH)