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Riding for all ages and abilities

Training Horses / Clinics

Saddles & Tack 

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HorseSense believes in Education:

  • Teaching people to train their horses
  • Teaching horses to respond to their people
  • Teaching proper saddle fit and tack use
  • Teaching both able bodied riders and riders with special needs to be "one" with their horse.

Riding Lessons:

 Communication is translating what is in your mind to the mind of the horse so that he can see, hear & understand exactly what it is that you are trying to communicate. Using a system of Pre-cue, Cues & Enforcer you will learn to better communicate with your horse.

You will learn "from the ground up" how to groom, do hoof care, leading, and general health care.

Lessons available using your horse and your place, OR your horse brought to my place OR using my horse at my place. 

Experienced with all ages, skill levels and abilities.

Pricing: $50/hr  using your horses at my place
(you haul your horse here)
Your horse $50/hr plus Travel cost to your place

 $50/hr using my horse & place

(gst added) 

Horse Training & Clinics


Training YOU to Train your Horse 

All Breeds, Specializing in Gaited Horses
 The philosophy behind confidence training is PARTNERSHIP. 

When such training is successfully carried out, horse and owner will trust each other and will work together harmony. To achieve this partnership, both horse and owner must accept training.

Training costs for horses depend upon what is required and will be discussed with owner as to expectations for their horse.

Saddles & Sidepull

The Correct Saddle and saddle fit makes all the difference.

Evolutionary Saddles are custom built to fit your horse. 

Go bitless with the custom made sidepull for all horses. 

Gaited Horse Training DVDs

The goal of getting the best gait from your gaited horse is the same goal as with any horse. Regardless if you are looking for a walk, trot, canter or 4-beat gait you want the smoothest gait your horse can give. 

2-Set DVD explaining gaits and exercises for different breeds of gaited horses. 


Saddle & Tack  Fitting

Pre-purchase to help match horse to rider.

Trailer Loading

Horse Transportation $1.50/k

Breeding & Foaling

Host a clinic.  Weekends or  weekly training sessions at your location, 

 Hello Mr. Quilliams,
I just wanted to thank you once again for putting together the DVD in such a way that anyone, professional or novice, could understand! It has been almost two months since I have used your methods on Paladin. I was ready to give up on him ever gaiting like his well known father... when I found your DVD. He is gaiting beautifully, his topline has improved considerably, and his caboose is to die for!! Lol! Thanks again, and if you are ever in NC. feel free to stop in!
Your fans, Pati O'Toole and Paladin (RMH)