Gaitway To Equine Experiences Foundation Central Alberta

Gaitways's Purpose

 Providing Opportunities for Equine-Related Activities

We believe in the healing benefits of horses to improve the lives of those in our community. We wish to ensure that all who wish to benefit by participating in a diverse range of equine related activities, are not hindered by lack of funds or access.

Gaitway will function in a 2-fold manner:

  • to provide equine experiences through programming
  • to supplement costs for maintaining horses, selected program and  to enable individuals, regardless of age or ability, to participate in equine experience

Building Relationships

Horses, hearts, children and adults is a mix that enhances life and encourages physical, emotional and developmental growth. It’s a chance to participate in an activity that brings joy to hearts and smiles to faces.  Sometimes it’s a time of connecting in a physical way and sometimes it’s a time of heart connection, but it’s  always a time to share from the human heart to the equine heart. We are sure that there are people in your life who would benefit from spending time with horses.

 The mission has always been to build relationships between horse and human. Throughout the years there have been many people with a variety of needs who have participated with horses through the programming offered by Gaitway.

As a non-profit community service your support is valuable to allow us to fulfill our goals of providing for those with a wide range of needs to have a beneficial relatiionship with their equine friends.Supported programs are diverse and meet a variety of needs. Participants can engage in ground work, horsemanship and riding lessons . 

Donations Accepted

 Gaitway needs and appreciates your donations and support.   All donations are eligible for tax receipts.

By participating with Gaitway you will be providing an amazing opportunity for those with special needs, both adults and children.

We will be glad to speak with you personally and explain more fully what Gaitway to Equine Experiences has to offer.  

All donations are gratefully accepted. Or check out the donations page to donate through paypal  or mail to the address on the donation page.

Thank you.