HorseSense Education Circle

Education Circle

Connection, Confidence, Compassion, Consistency and Communication are basic principals  of the training for all breeds of Horses. HorseSense HorseManShip in Red Deer, AB. 

Purchasing your first horse

Finding and purchasing your first horse can be a bit overwhelming. Let us help you ensure that the horse you want is the horse you need. 

Ground Work

Make sure the ground work is solid before attempting to saddle, and mount your horse. 

Dressing your Horse

Your horse needs a halter, a saddle and a bridle that will fit him/her properly. 

A simple beginning

Taking it easy and slowly is the foundation for a great future with your horse. Never rush the training process. 


 Riding Centered, Connected and Balanced . The joy of riding your horse will be enhansed by your lightness, balance and position. 

Understanding Gaits

 Gaited horses have a wide variety of 4-beat actions, from lateral to diagonal. We can help find the gait that is best for your horse and morst comfortable for you.  

Feeling the beat

1-2-3-4. Knowing where the feet are connects you with the feet so you have better gait awareness and speed control 

Building Relationship

Having a great relationship with your horse makes everyone happier!